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"Scarboro Missions organizes training sessions enabling people to grow in sensitivity to the multi-faith reality. Chaplains in care institutions are a key audience for this training. We have developed an outline of this workshop in order to enable people to conduct these sessions themselves."< Here


This litany gives grateful recognition to the unique and diverse gifts of many of the world's spiritual traditions, including Humanist, Taoist and Wiccan. It opens with the leader giving overall thanks: “We give thanks for the world’s religions and the richness they bring to our lives.” The closing piece is equally expressive: “May we be united as one community of joy, hope love and peace …” < Here > for the complete litany.

"New material arrives regularly, and we are always very interested in your feedback. We would like to know what you are reading (or watching, or listening to), how you liked it (brief personal reviews are very welcome and will be included in our on-line catalogue if you give us permission to do so.), what you would like us to consider for purchase, and what subjects you are having trouble finding material for. Please feel free to write to us at: thelibrary@omc.on.ca ."

Visit OMNI Online - http://www.omni.omc.on.ca Sponsored by the Ontario Multifaith Council (OMC).


(Canadian) DISCUSSION GROUPS ARE BACK ON THE ONTARIO MULTIFAITH COUNCIL’S WEBSITE. Talk with peers, professionals and community members about chaplaincy and multifaith issues. Visit: < Here>

(U.S.) INTERFAITH NEWS. www.InterfaithNews.net is a site dedicated to providing positive news and views on spiritual, religious, and interfaith issues. The site is published by Daystar Productions. Content is provided in collaboration and support with the United Religions Initiative and the North American Interfaith Network.


The North American Interfaith Network (NAIN) is a non-profit association with a membership of more than 60 interfaith agencies and organizations throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It provides communication, understanding, and mutual strength among interfaith organizations, agencies, and offices of denominational, religious and educational institutions.
* "Where is NAIN Going?" A survey conducted by Elizabeth Espersen, "Meetings in Faith" consultant and former Chair. "Today's interfaith organizations have achieved a first level of success by creating structures where diverse religious groups can overcome ignorance and fear of one another. This achievement has created excitement, awe, and gratitude among the participants. Most seem ready for a next level, though they may not know what it is."

(U.S.) BELIEFNET http://www.beliefnet.com . To receive their daily e-mail newsletter with news, inspirational quotes, prayers and many resources see:< Here >[This is an advertiser supported website.]
"We are a multifaith e-community designed to help you meet your own religious and spiritual needs -- in an interesting, captivating and engaging way. We are independent. We are not affiliated with a particular religion or spiritual movement. We are not out to convert you to a particular approach, but rather to help you find your own. Fundamental to our mission is a deep respect for a wide variety of faiths and traditions."


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(U.S.) "WORLD PRAYERS" Internet archive: www.worldprayers.org
"We are attempting to gather the great historic and contemporary prayers from all spiritual traditions around the world, into a unified Internet archive called WORLD PRAYERS, for the purpose of inspiration, study and cross cultural appreciation. This project is a non-profit educational public service."

(U.K.) INTERNATIONAL INTERFAITH CENTRE, OXFORD, U.K. - " 'Building interfaith co-operation in the world.' "The ultimate office disaster has occurred and we have lost our database. If you wish to be on it and receive our newsletter, please e-mail us all contact details to help us build a new database (name, organization, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, web)" iic@interfaith-center.org


(U.S.) WORLD RELIGIONS VIDEOS now available on-line. From Hartley Film Foundation, at , 1-800-937~1819 http://www.hartleyfoundation.org/
"Over 90 videos on; World Religions, Spirituality, Science and Spirit, Philosophy, Holistic and Alternative Health, Aging, Reincarnation, Death and Dying, etc., by world-renowned authorities, such as: Huston Smith, Alan Watts, Edgar Mitchell, Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra and many others."

To get it by e-mail go < Here >
Tel: 416-978-3814; Fax: 416.978.7821 E-mail: info@faith-commongood.net
"Renewing the Sacred Balance is about rekindling our relationship with habitat Earth and with one another. It's about living with sacred awareness and an ethic of eco-sustainability... Faith & the Common Good has launched an interfaith/intercultural initiative towards Renewing the Sacred Balance. This initiative calls us to examine the core spiritual and ethical beliefs that underlie our socio-economic, political, and ecological behaviours. By working to Renew the Sacred Balance in our day-to-day lives, we can find more sustainable ways of life and enjoy the simple abundance of living more harmoniously with nature.
As people of faith, we must look at how are own beliefs and perceptions may have, in some measure, contributed to the crisis of our planet. At the same time, we must look to the immense resources in our diverse spiritual traditions which can lead to a new way of envisioning our relationship with other creatures, and with the Earth itself. These same spiritual riches are also an important source of sustenance and wisdom for the long struggle needed to Renew the Sacred Balance."


(International) "HINDU PRESS INTERNATIONAL."Almost daily international e-mail news about Hindu related news, often includes interfaith news. http://www.HinduismToday.com/hpi/ To subscribe: hpi@hindu.org .

(Canadian) CENTRE FOR FAITH AND THE MEDIA. www.faithandmedia.org , 1-877-210-0077 , faithandmedia@telus.net , Calgary, Alberta
"The Centre for Faith and the Media is an independent, non-profit organization committed to the education and resourcing of members of the media to report on faith, religion and spirituality. We provide online resources, publications, and workshops to assist journalists in covering faith stories. We also provide workshops to journalism students, and to members of faith communities who want to learn how to access the media more effectively." Listing of some 100 organizations.


(Canadian) ANNUAL FAITH AND SPIRITUALITY SURVEY 8-page report with colour charts now available on the web. "Canada Ten Years Later: Still a Nation of Spiritual Seekers." < Here >

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By Madeleine Trichel, Director of the Interfaith Center for Peace, Columbus, Ohio
614-294-9019 mtrichel@peace-center.org
"In DIALOGUE, people communicate for understanding. This means they listen without interrupting, they ask questions to clarify, they assume that speakers are all doing their best to explain a difficult concept from their own points of view.
DISCUSSION, people communicate in order to make a group decision. They listen in order to assemble facts, to sort out opinions, and to decide on a course of action for the group. This is a usual kind of communication in congregational governing bodies in matters such as property maintenance, budget allocations, and hiring.
DEBATE, people argue for a position in order to prove their position right and others wrong. They listen for weaknesses in others' arguments and attack their opponents' positions. In a formal debate, speakers conduct themselves according to classical rules of debating and focus on the argument. Sometimes an unstructured, informal, and emotional debate occurs when people attempt to talk about controversial issues. If this unstructured and informal debate escalates into a DISPUTE, people may ask questions to confuse or embarrass other speakers. In addition to attacking another speaker's positions, people may even attack the other speakers, themselves.
CONVERSATION, in which people communicate in an unstructured, informal manner. Topics shift without a plan.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The above was designed to distinguish among different group communications. A lot more can be said about Dialogue. For examples see: < Here >Eight sources, including: "Dialogue Decalogue"
http://global-dialogue.com/ "Principles of Starting an Interfaith Dialogue" by Richard Landau, from his excellent e-book: "What the World Needs to Know About Interfaith Dialogue"
http://global-dialogue.com/ "Global Dialogue Institute"
http://astro.temple.edu/~dialogue/case.htm "Seven Stages of Deep-Dialogue" <Here >"Table manners for interfaith dialogue"]

A comprehensive and helpful U.S.-based website and organization, which offers materials and information for professional chaplains. All material, is copyrighted. Contact: (847) 240-1014, or info@professionalchaplains.org for further information and consent to use any material.


"This collection contains over 4000 scriptural passages from 268 sacred texts and 55 oral traditions, and is organized in terms of 164 different themes. This text is the result of a five-year project involving the collaboration of an international team of 40 recognized scholars representing all the major religious traditions of the world. This archive contains the complete text of the original hardbound version." All of the themes are listed in the Table of Contents in the form of links, so that the readings on each theme can be reached with one click.
[EDITOR’S NOTE: I have been using this collection for years when looking for multi-faith readings on a particular subject, and recommend it highly.]

(U.S.) LINKS TO MULTIFAITH AND RELIGION SITES www.conjure.com/religion.html
A comprehensive online resource featuring annotated links to "religions working for a better world"; networks of interfaith organizations and groups; communities of prayer; faith communities of peace; information on global ethics, sexual inclusivity, etc.; Religions of the Book, Nature religions, Druids, Celtic, Egyptian, tribal, eastern, multifaith, and general spirituality. Also links to many other related sites.

(U.S.) "THE RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS PAGE. ALPHABETIC LISTING OF GROUP PROFILES." <Here>"This page provides a gateway to profiles of more than two hundred Religious Movements, most of which were created by students of Sociology at the University of Virginia. Each Profile offers basic demographic and background information, a summary of beliefs, discussion of controversial issues (when appropriate), links to important web sites about each group, and select print bibliographies. In addition, we provide an index with links to hundreds of religious groups that are not profiled on this site."


This litany gives grateful recognition to the unique and diverse gifts of many of the world's spiritual traditions. It opens with the leader giving overall thanks: We give thanks for the world's religions and the richness they bring to our lives. The closing piece is equally expressive: May we be united as one community of joy, hope love and peace.
< Here > for the complete litany.


The Centre for Spirituality at Work has announced 19 programs for the 2004/2005 season. We list in detail a few that are closest to interfaith interests. However, they are all worth considering by our readers. Please see the PROGRAMS page at www.SpiritualityAtWork.org

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(U.S.)THE LIGHT OF PEACE, FAITH, LOVE, AND HOPE. An internet blessing.
[EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the most beautiful and effective short multimedia presentation I have seen on the Internet. Thanks to Brenda Atkinson.]




“Are you curious about the people, places, practices and philosophies that comprise the world religions? We offer educational, spiritual and cultural encounters with the world religions in an open environment! Our dynamic programs have been seen by over 60,000 people throughout North America! We offer world religions programs for universities, faith groups, hospitals, schools, businesses, service organizations and the individual seeker.”

Programs Offered:
Sacred Symbols
To See, To Be, To Do
Houses of Worship Tours
Exploring World Religions
Other Classes and Keynotes
Wisdom Rituals
(Some available on audio CDs)

To receive their fascinating, information packed e-mail newsletter, including religious symbol of the month, book of the month, quotation of the month, and holidays of the month, send a message to: encounter@worldreligions.ca


(U.K.) INTERFAITH MARRIAGES, www.interfaithmarriage.org.uk

“Inter faith marriages of all kinds are happening more and more frequently in es and by our desire to explore, value, celebrate and share this experience.”Britain, but it can be difficult to obtain information, resources and helpful advice, for couples themselves and their families and those concerned with their pastoral care.

This website is for you if you are in an inter faith marriage, considering one, or if you care for people involved. It brings together in a single site the latest information, resources and a wide range of insight and opinion from people with personal experience of inter faith marriage in Britain.

* Ceremonies.
* Marriage and faith after the wedding day: the journey through life.
* Religious and cultural identities explored.
* Seek advice on the message board or in confidence.
* Debate on the crucial issues.
* What the different faith communities say.”

(U.K) MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES, www.mcmarriage.org.uk

To request a copy of their newsletter, contact: heather@al-yousuf.freeserve.co.uk

“We are a network of people involved in or closely affected by Muslim/Christian marriage. We have a variety of backgrounds and affiliations across both faith traditions. We are united by our experience of living with both faiths at the heart of our love and our living."

This beautiful and essential calendar, produced by the Multifaith Action Society of British Columbia, is available on the internet at the Religion and Ethics Newsweekly (U.S.) site, which also has links to other calendars:


At www.omc.ca/census2001.html
The Ontario Multifaith Council provides the following links and resources to promote understanding about the role of religion in Canadian society.
Ontario Multifaith Council Census Press Release
2001 Census: Analysis Series Religions in Canada
Census 2001 Religious Data in the media:
Changing face of religion
Canadians losing their religion
Growing number of Canadians losing their religion
The Force apparently with many Canadians
In Canada several laws and principles provide individuals with the right to freely practice their religion:
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Ontario Human Rights Code
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Ontario Human Rights Commission - Religion and Human Rights
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Religious statistics:
Population by religion, 1981 and 1991 Censuses, Canada
Census and Polling Information about Religion in Canada
How Americans and Canadians Differ Religiously
Population by religion, 1981 and 1991 Censuses, Canada
Religion by Location - Adherents.com
Muslim Population Statistics
American Religion Data Archive
Religious Accommodation:
The Multifaith Information Manual
Toronto District School Board - Religious Accommodations Guide
A Place for All: A Guide to Creating an Inclusive Workplace
Roslyn Rus, 416-763-8528, joiederoz@yahoo.ca www.carrot.com/events/joiedevivre/
“An engaging experience of self-discovery and transformation, this workshop uses Scarboro Missions' visually-striking multifaith Golden Rule poster, featuring the golden rule in 13 religions. Suited for spiritual and religious organizations, congregations, community groups, youth groups, rehabilitation programs, special needs or other specialized groups. Themes include: Gandhi and Nonviolence, Becoming a Global Citizen, Artistic and Written Activities, Exploring the Circle, Music, Video, and the Poster reassembly. Typically a 2-hour workshop, but can be customized, e.g. for lunchtime sessions, in-class presentations, or full-day retreats.”
Also Joie de Vivre! workshops.


With the implementation of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) on November 1, 2005, it is more important than ever to have a clear understanding of how the privacy rules impact the provision of spiritual and religious care in a hospital setting.
The Legislative Update was the result of consultation earlier this year with the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, the Ontario Hospital Association, faith group representatives and the Ontario Multifaith Council. It answers many questions and opens the doors to provide more adequate and appropriate spiritual and religious care in hospitals. For further details: www.omc.ca/pdf/legislativeupdate.pdf


“Weary of waging war, people everywhere are seeking ways of waging peace. We, the Working Group, are committed to the establishment of a Minister of Peace in the Government of Canada. We are convinced that this is an idea whose time has come and that there exists widespread, untapped public support for such an idea. Given the escalation of violent conflict and insecurity across our world today, there has never been greater urgency nor a better window of opportunity to seed this intent in Canada. The proposed minister would hold peace as an organizing principle in our society. She or he would advance an agenda of individual and collective security based on the principle of the responsibility to protect life through activities promoting a culture of peace and assertive non-violence. Drawing inspiration from similar initiatives in US, UK and other countries, we anticipate that the Minister’s mandate would include specific objectives…” [outlined on their website:] www.departmentofpeacecanada.com/home.html
“We are dedicated to generating the political will for this initiative by reaching out to a broad spectrum of our citizens including, for example, peace and social justice groups, choirs, artists, healthcare professionals, teachers, service clubs, the business community and the diversity of citizens across our country. Two major meetings have already been held in Vancouver and Victoria. Other presentations were made at events in Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. Our proposal was adopted by the Canadian Culture of Peace Program (CCOPP) at its inaugural meeting in November, 2004. In pursuing this initiative we recognize that the crisis facing humanity is not only social, political, economic and environmental, but also spiritual in nature. We believe that creating peace is an ongoing and long term process, but our intention is to turn the tide within our lifetime.”
Contact: Dr. Saul Arbess at sarbess@shaw.ca 250-383-5878
For Americans for a Department of Peace, see www.afdop.org
See also www.ThePeaceAlliance.org


“Was founded by a Christian and a Muslim woman right after September 11th, 2001, this group is an example of innovative, local interfaith dialogue. The group's vision is to be "an egalitarian community of women coming together to respect and learn more about each others' various spiritual beliefs and common concerns. It is our intent to share our experiences with the wider community, to educate and to serve." Beyond the monthly meetings, members participate in service activities, cooking classes and a book club.”
www.wtb.org includes helpful tips on starting an interfaith group.
From: Pluralism Project Newsletter, December 22, 2005

All submitted abstract papers from this 2005 conference are available to download in PDF format.
(Note: not all presenters on this page submitted papers but their biographies are useful to search their web contributions.)
To view the listings of Presenters and their abstract papers go to: www.networkforpeace.org/papers.html
To view the whole conference website go to: www.networkforpeace.org/
This conference was the eighth in a series organized by the UNESCO Chair on Comparative Studies of Spiritual Traditions, Their Specific Cultures and Interreligious Dialogue.
The conference took place in Seattle, Washington, USA January 27-30, 2005.
The aim of this series of conferences is to develop a “new paradigm of communication,” a new way of understanding the problems facing humanity. Each conference in this series has focused on different aspects of the problems. The Conference on Unity and Diversity in Religion and Culture focused on the psychological and philosophical issues underlying global conflict.



Religion and geography no barrier to interfaith discussion

David Keating, 613-849-5084,


201 Palmer Rd, Belleville, ON, K8P 4T8

Just one week after "going live" as an Internet-based forum, the Golden Rule Discussion has members from a variety of religious traditions and from far flung corners of the globe.

The numbers are small yet, about a dozen, but David Keating, founder of the Golden Rule Radical website that set up the discussion is pleased. "I'm very happy to see the diversity of membership. We have members from Palestine and Ethiopia as well as Canada and the United States. Their backgrounds are just as varied, with Sikh, Buddhist, and Christian representation so far. I am quite confident that it will grow quickly."

The goal of the Golden Rule Radical website and the new Golden Rule Discussion initiative is to give Internet users a place to come together to discuss this single statement that underlies so many faiths.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is being heard with increasing frequency as people try to understand a pluralistic world. Critical to that understanding, according to Keating, is the acknowledgement of the fact that these faiths have a core belief in common.

"The Golden Rule Discussion is an opportunity for anyone interested in discussing and exploring what they have in common from a faith perspective. More than that, it¡Çs a place where people can support each other in fostering the principle of the Golden Rule as guide for everyday living."

To take part in the discussion, visit www.goldenruleradical.org and enter your email address in the form provided.

Paul McKenna interfaith@scarboromissions.ca 416-261-7135 ext.296
For a number of years, this group has been the leader in organizing interfaith events in the Greater Toronto, such as interfaith panels -- many at various places of worship; interfaith retreat days for World Religion high school classes; country retreats; and the Golden Rule Poster in use around the world, and on display at the United Nations. A workshop based on it, and more detailed expressions of it in the various faiths can be found at: <Here>

Scarboro Missions e-mail newsletter
If you would like to subscribe to the Scarboro Missions monthly newsletter, which includes a section from their Interfaith Desk, visit their Web site and add your name and e-mail address to the list: www.scarboromissions.ca/Newsletter/newsletter.php

Scarborogh Missions: Understanding the Golden Rule: This is a new section on the Scarboro Missions website that contains general information about the golden rule from its Interfaith Desk.
Interactive golden rule movie: This attractive dynamic interactive movie has good information on each religion featured. An excellent educational presentation for everybody. www.scarboromissions.ca/Interfaith_dialogue/golden-rule.swf
Discovering the “gold” in the Golden Rule: This short article focuses on the symbolic meaning of gold and the golden rule’s capacity as a universal ethical standard.
The Golden Rule and the Global Ethic: This article focuses on an international movement to develop a universal set of moral principles rooted in the Golden Rule.
The Golden Rule in FIVE Languages: The Golden Rule is a universal moral principle and is expressed in all the languages of the world. The Golden Rule (Sacred Texts) in 13 religions are now available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German on the website. These various translations will be great resources for these language groups as well as for language teachers. A comparative table is also provided for a side-by-side presentation of the Sacred Texts in FIVE languages.

Golden Rule Meditation Exercises

Scarboro Missions announces the publication of the Golden Rule Meditation Exercises. This project was three years in the making and involved 25 people, led by Paul McKenna.

“These 21 meditation exercises on 40 pages on the website foster reflection on the Golden Rule in 13 religions. Themes include compassion, healing, art, global citizenship, social justice, journaling, the circle and unity amidst diversity. The do-it-yourself meditations are designed for both individual and group reflection; some of the meditations focus on the visual qualities of the Scarboro Missions' Golden Rule Poster.

What is unique about this document? In the interfaith movement, we are exposed to a growing volume of information, even information-overload. But one of the deficits of the current interfaith movement is hands-on, interactive, do-it-yourself, educational materials. In other words, we have lots of info but not many methodological tools!.

This document fills the vacuum! This document is not more info but actually gives people tools to do interfaith.”


The Forgiveness Project is a young charitable organization – with no political or religious affiliations – working at a local, national and international level to promote conflict resolution and restorative practices as alternatives to the endless cycles of conflict, violence and crime that are the hallmarks of our time.
Through collecting and sharing personal stories, and delivering educational and self-help programmes, The Forgiveness Project aims to reframe the debate about how individuals and communities can learn to celebrate difference and overcome division, thereby fostering positive social change.

Read about Jainism on BBC. Copy and paste OR Click the following link
This is an elaborate and wonderful informative presentation on Jainism. This is an audio, video, pictorial and narrative presentation on Jainism and an enjoyable one.
Submitted to Jain News and Views by Dinesh Vora
“The Canadian International Peace Project is an independent, non-partisan organization made up of groups and individuals of diverse backgrounds dedicated to promoting peace, development and security locally, nationally and internationally. This Project has created an unprecedented opportunity for Canadians and others around the world to contribute to peace and development locally, nationally and internationally. To date, this initiative appears to be the most novel, innovative and holistic approach. Domestically, it appears to be the most innovative and effective vehicle currently in Canada that is directed not only to promoting greater education, understanding and harmony among a wide range of racial, ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural communities but also effective and meaningful partnerships among a wide range of individuals, groups and organizations.”
“Research Associate Emily Ronald has completed a report on the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. This thirty-year-old international coalition focuses not only on investing in socially responsible corporations, but also on using these investments "to change unjust or harmful corporate policies, working for peace, economic justice and stewardship of the Earth."
Full report: http://tinyurl.com/zqsny
From: Pluralism Project Newsletter, December 22, 2005


Report on Proceedings from 22nd March 2006

Thanks to The Case Foundation, the International Conference on Faith and Service held on 22nd March 2006 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC was webcast live, and you can view the entire conference at www.interfaithwebcast.org. Just click "launch presentation" and then select a session; you can view the entire session or click a dropdown list at the left to choose a particular speaker. You can digest this information at your own leisure and at the time that best suits your needs. Tell your friends and colleagues about the site.

Interfaith Today - Podcasting
Rowan Fairgrove has begun a podcast (an internet radio show) called "Interfaith Today" to showcase the stories of the Interfaith Movement. Rowan is trying to give attention to wonderful, life-affirming work being done in the interfaith context which is under-reported by the mainstream media. Available since January, the monthly podcast offers stories of hope and cooperation.

Show notes with links and information on what is contained in a particular episode can be found at interfaithtoday.org. The podcast itself is available by direct download at interfaithtoday.libsyn.com or via iTunes. From: Religions for Peace - USA April 2006 E-Newsletter, www.rfpusa.org


The NSP is a network of people and institutions that:
1) “Advocates a New Bottom Line in America. This bottom takes into consideration not only how well institutions and the economy maximize money and power, but how well they maximizes love and caring, ethical and ecological sensitivity and behavior, kindness and generosity, non-violence and peace, and the extent to which they enhance our capacities to respond to other human beings in a way that honors them as embodiments of the sacred, and enhance our capacities to respond to the earth and the universe with awe, wonder and radical amazement.
2) Challenges the misuse of religion, God and spirit by the Religious Right and
3) Challenging the anti-religious and anti-spiritual assumptions and behaviors that have increasingly become part of the liberal culture
4) Challenges the extreme individualism and "me-firstism" that permeate all parts of the global market culture.
NSP is a project of the Tikkun Community.”

A Spiritual Covenant with America
PUBLISHER’S NOTE: “Rabbi Michael Lerner, founder of the Tikkun movement, is calling us all to make a “spiritual covenant” on the political scene, to revitalize us from a tired, ineffective liberalism and an increasingly cynical and reactionary conservatism. Although he is talking specifically about the United States, a new vision is needed everywhere. He says: “We will create a society that promotes, rather than undermines, loving and caring relationships and families. We will challenge the materialism and selfishness (often rooted in the dynamics of a competitive marketplace) that undermine loving relationships and family life.”
1. Support Families
2. Personal Responsibility
3. Social Responsibility
4. Educate for Values
5. Single Payer National Health Care plus transformation of how we understand health
6. We will be stewards of the environment
7. Foreign policy and homeland security
8. We will seek separation of Church, State and Science

Washington D.C. Spiritual Activism Conference, May, 2006
Rabbi Michael Lerner’s Report:
In a front page story in the Washington Post, a major story reporting the conference attended by over 1,200 people, proclaimed in its first line: "The religious left is back." "Long overshadowed by the Christian right, religious liberals across a wide swath of denominations are engaged today in their most intensive bout of political organizing and alliance-building since the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements of the 1960s, according to scholars, politicians and clergy members."

Interfaith and Diversity Educational Opportunities for Tens of Thousands of Students Across Canada
CONTACT: Judy Csillag, 416-597-9693 E24 jac@cccj.ca

Discovering Diversity Schools Program
“The Discovering Diversity Schools Program, formerly known as the Schools Interfaith Program, has become the cornerstone for the CCCJ's programming agenda. The program is designed to build bridges of friendship and understanding between individuals of different race, religious and ethno-cultural backgrounds.
In the current school year, CCCJ will take more than 15,000 Canadian students and youth groups to various places of worship. Students come from Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim schools as well as Scouting, and other youth groups. School boards have devoted Professional Development Days to encourage their teachers to participate in World Religions in-service training with CCCJ.”
More: www.cccj.ca/programs-disc_diversity.html

Young Leaders Forum – A World Without Stigma
"The Young Leaders Forum is a unique, interactive program that explores the theme “A World without Stigma ”. Senior high school students are engaged in a discussion of the complex social issues that face us as citizens in the most multicultural society in the world."
More: www.cccj.ca/programs-yl.html

Quest – Question • Understand • Explore • Support • Trust
"Quest is an initiative aimed at building bridges between senior high school students of various religious and ethnic backgrounds."
More: www.cccj.ca/programs-quest.html

Ontario Middle School Debate Tournament
"In January 2005, CCCJ launched a new initiative: a city-wide debate tournament for middle school grades in public, Catholic and private schools. The tournament offers a meaningful opportunity for junior debaters to hone their skills and tackle ideas important to all Canadians."
More: www.cccj.ca/programs-debate.html

Respecting Diversity On Campus Program
"Through education, public information and advocacy, CCCJ continues to be a driving force in the ongoing effort to encourage unity and goodwill throughout the fabric of Canadian society."
More: www.cccj.ca/programs-respect_div.html

Diversity Is Good Business
"Learning with CCCJ doesn't end when a student graduates. Diversity Is Good Business will provide an opportunity for young professionals in a variety of sectors to develop a deeper appreciation of the value of diversity as a desirable, ethical and, indeed, profitable goal for the workplace."
More: www.cccj.ca/diversity_good_bus.html

Sponsored by CCCJ (Canadian Council of Christians and Jews,) “a leading Canadian provider of programs and strategies that educate against discrimination, prejudice and bias.”



“This virtual facility is now a reality. And, this has been possible just due to your cooperation, permission and understanding of this unique project. For suggestions, comments, etc. see the comments section in this blog.”


“The work that interfaith organizations do is vital to promoting understanding, dialogue, and cooperation among religious traditions. Numerous interfaith groups have produced training manuals, ‘how-to’ documents, and useful guidelines. We have begun compiling links to online versions of these guides on a range of subjects such as creating a local interfaith dialogue group, increasing cooperation between local governments and religious organizations, and educating students about religious diversity. We will continue to add to this list as we become aware of additional resources.” www.pluralism.org/research/profiles/display.php?profile=74171

“Shanta Premawardhana, Associate General Secretary for Interfaith Relations, National Council of Churches USA, has graciously allowed Interfaith News to republish a presentation he recently made at the Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding. He begins with a beautiful vision of children from all over the world playing together. With that peaceful meditation in mind, he addresses the nature of interfaith dialogue, delving into and explicating four different types of dialogue that he identifies as Dialogue of Life, Dialogue of Action, Dialogue of Contemplation, Dialogue of Theological Reflection.” < Here >

Fostering Dialogue Across Divides: A Nuts and Bolts Guide from the Public Conversations Project offers the fruit of 17 years of work towards effective dialogue design and facilitation. It is intended to be of use to both seasoned facilitators and beginners and offers core principles and practices as well as advice on each phase in the dialogue process. Appendices offer sample formats and handouts. It is available as a free download or for purchase online. "Dialogue has a vital, if quieter, role to play in a resilient and civil democratic society. It can build bridges across divides in the body politic. It can promote healing in small communities that are struggling with a controversy. It can also reduce the likelihood of gridlock in the halls of Congress, hatred in the arena of public opinion, and potentially dangerous misrepresentations in our sound-bite saturated media." www.publicconversations.org/pcp/index.asp?page_id=270&ca

For free subscription: http://weaver.ch/worldspiritforum/subscribe.asp
Vision statement:
“As an annual world conference the WSF World Spirit Forum offers the unique opportunity to build bridges and to open up for broad and boundless insights beyond conventional restrictions/constraints. The time has come for a new, united, holistic, sustainable and humane future. The WSF World Spirit Forum is a unique platform to develop solutions, visions and projects in accordance with the vision of a sustainable earth universe.
Our society, the economy, the scientific community and politics still operate on separate levels. Intersections are partly acknowledged but interactive thinking and action is needed in order to create lasting change.”
“The participants of the international convention WSF World Spirit Forum 2006 declared the WSF as home of the worldwide spiritual movement…. In its global scope it is a parallel event to the WEF World Economic Forum that is held at nearby Davos at about the same time.”
[WSF is one of the many supporting organizations of the World Wisdom Alliance, being founded in Toronto.]

Stephen A. Fuqua, URI North American Regional Coordinator
This PowerPoint presentation outlines the history of URI and its membership structure. The main units are the local Cooperative Circles. There is also room for “Affiliates are individuals, associations and organizations who pledge their support of the URI Charter but who do not choose to form a Circle.”
“The purpose of the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.” Click for:< How to join URI >

A Gathering of Interfaith Elders Sharing a Certain Essence in the Contemplative Path Leading to Inner Peace and Silence

“A truly unique moment occurred in interfaith dialogue movement on Saturday, July 1st, 2006: "Dialogue" was dispensed with altogether for the more sublime purpose of coming together to explore the inner spiritual dimensions of silence and stillness.

The Gathering of Interfaith Elders Sharing a Certain Essence in the Contemplative Path Leading to Inner Peace and Silence" was graciously hosted the by the Chinmaya Mission Toronto under the auspices of Swamini Shivpriyananda. The purpose of the program was to explore pathways into silence through prayers and services across a number of spiritual traditions.

The program opened with a consecration ceremony performed by the Elders of the Mohawk Nations to bless the gathering. This was followed by an offering of gifts of gratitude to the Mohawk Elders, by Swami Veda Bharati, who guided the silence from his meditation seat for the duration of the program.

Elders from eight different traditions represented their respective pathways into silence - Catholicism, Judaism, the Quaker tradition, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Sufism and the Universal Worship. Presentations were interspersed by contemplative walks, and the second-to-last presentation of Universal Worship was conceived by Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Sufi master of the early 20th century whose teaching placed great emphasis on recognizing the wisdom of all spiritual traditions of the world.

The closing was a guided meditation given by Swami Veda Bharati, who emphasized that when the mind and breath flow together in a smooth, steady, unbroken stream - that stream flows into silence. He also expressed his hope that the program attendants would join him and thousands of others across the world for his Full Moon Global Group Meditation. Each full moon day, thousands across the world sit together at appointed times to surrender themselves to the serenity of word-less-ness. The appointed time for North America is 10:00 p.m. EST.”

Photographs can be viewed at: http://chinmayatoronto.phanfare.com/album/92162
DVD available from Chander Khana, ckhanna1@msn.com 416-590-9645

“The Commission seeks to inspire consciousness of the wholeness of the human family and the sacred tapestry of all life. This spirituality is the foundation of a global consciousness that honours the wisdom found in the world's traditions, cultures and disciplines.”
“The World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality cultivates a growing community of people from diverse cultural, religious, disciplinary and spiritual orientations to promote global wisdom, vision and values. The Commission is action oriented and acknowledges awakening consciousness and spirituality as transformative powers for the common good.”to
- Universal Declaration of Global Consciousness and Spirituality (Barcelona 2004)
- A Global Blueprint for the World Commission
Organized by systems scientist Ervin Laszlo and other leaders who attended the founding meeting in Toronto of the all-inclusive World Wisdom Alliance (website to be announced shortly,) council members include many world-level spiritual and organizational leaders.
Links: Among others:
- Religions in Renewal: Dialogue, Reform, Re-vision:
- World Network of Religious Futurists: www.wnrf.org

Faith and the Common Good
A Workshop in Six Session for Canadian Religious Communities.
“If you and your faith group would like to become involved in projects designed to protect the earth that sustains us then this new Canadian Government course will be of interest to you. Simply go to the site and download the PDF file. You may then print the copies you need.”
Click here: www.faith-commongood.net/docs/gssworkshopguide(web).pdf

Arvind Sharma, a professor of comparative religion at McGill University, was attending a 50th anniversary celebration of the 1948 signing of the United Nation's Declaration of Human Rights when he and a group of colleagues offered to draft a similar document for world religions. This is an effort to update and replace the UN Universal declaration of Human Rights, which many consider to be too “Western” oriented. At the end of the current draft, made up of 30 Articles, there is an account of the history of this document, which it is hoped will be presented at the 2009 World Parliament of Religions for signatures of all faith groups.
“Previous parliaments have focused on finding ethical common ground among religions. The declaration would be the next logical step,” Sharma said.
The effort has been endorsed by Nobel Peace Prize winners the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa and Bishop Carlos Belo of East Timor.
Forward your comments and suggestions regarding the declaration to:




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