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Future Events 


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“Seven Sundays, Seven Voices, Seven Stories of Redemption”

“This series is mode possible through the generous support of the Tow Lectureship for Excellence in Preaching.

Metropolitan United Church

56 Queen St. East , Toronto 416-363-0331  www.metunited.org

Come hear seven faithful voices tell their stories of living and leading with - and without - fire!

April. 6 The Very Rev, Dr. Peter Short

Past Moderator of The United Church of Canada (2003-2006) Wilmot United Church ( Fredericton )

May 11 Rev. Dr. William Kennin Associate Professor of Public Worship Emmanuel College/University of Toronto

May 25 Mary Lou Faitis Soprano, Opera Singer & Musical Comedienne

June 1 Dr. Mary Jo Leddy Executive Director of Romero House

Sept. 7 The Very Rev. Peter Elliott Christ Church Cathedral ( Vancouver ) Dean of the Diocese of New Westminster

Sept. 28 Nora Sanders General Secretary of The United Church of Canada

Oct. 5 Rev. Dr. G. Malcolm Sinclair Metropolitan United Church



This monthly Reminder provides a short list of events for this month. A calendar for this quarter is at www.soitoronto.org. Please refer to the most recent SOI Activities Newsletter for details about these events, else contact the organizer or leader.

"All events, except for Mureed class, are open to anyone interested.

 September 4, Thursday, 7 pm

"The Way of the Heart"? A Sufi Perspective. An introduction to the Sufi path. Location: Neighbourhood Unitarian Church. Leader: Habib Fred Maycock [fredhabib2@yahoo.ca].


September 5, Friday, 8:30 pm

Mureed Class (organizational meeting). Leader: Hafiz Neil Rothenberg [nrothenberg@rogers.com].

September 9, Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Dances of Universal Peace. Website [www.peacedances.org]. Leader: Qahira Jo Oppenheimer [qahira@peacedances.org].

September 11, Thursday, 7:30 pm

Dances of Universal Peace. Location: Neighbourhood Unitarian Church. Leader: Habib Fred Maycock [fredhabib2@yahoo.ca].

September 16, Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Universal Worship Service. Leader: Janet Amina Berketa [janetberketa@gmail.com].

September 18, Thursday, 7 pm

"The Way of the Heart" — A Sufi Perspective. An introduction to the Sufi path. Location: Neighbourhood Unitarian Church. Leader: Habib Fred Maycock [fredhabib2@yahoo.ca].

September 22, Monday, 8:30 pm

Ziraat. Leader: Hafiz Neil Rothenberg [nrothenberg@rogers.com].

September 23, Tuesday, 8:30 pm

Zikr Allah. Organizer: Janet Amina Berketa [janetberketa@gmail.com]."





A Fundraising Event on behalf of: Freeing the Human Spirit: A healing program of meditation and yoga for inmates.”

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Multi-faith Centre 569 Spadina Ave, Toronto

9:00AM to 4:30PM

Tickets: $30. per class (pay only $25 for one and $45. for two tickets if purchased before Sept. 20)

$100.  Whole Day Pass

Visit our website, register for a class and be a pledge participant at http://www.freeingspirit.com

Our Sponsor: The Yoga Sanctuary

For more information call tel # 416.285.4872or e-mail us at freeingspirit@rogers.com


"7 Yoga Classes  - 2nd Floor

9:00 - 10:15 AM - Opening the Heart: Gentle poses to unravel physical and emotional tension in the upper body by: Michaella Caldwell

10:30 - 11:45 AM - Writing through Yoga: Discovering the Self through Asanas and Writing Exercises by: Daphne Gordon

12:00 - 1:15 PM - Chakra Yoga by: Helen Goldstein

1: 30 – 2:45 PM - Hatha Yoga for All Levels by: Cynthia Funk

3: 00 - 4:15 PM - Viniyoga by: Kelly Cade

7 Meditation Classes - 2nd Floor

9:00 - 10:15 AM - Zen Meditation led by: Patrick Gallagher

10:30 - 11:45 AM - Vipassana & Metta Guided Meditation led by Jim Bedard

12:00 - 1:15 PM - TBA

1: 30 - 2:45 PM - Centering Prayer led by: Peter Catt & Judy Wootten

3: 00 - 4:15 PM - Peace for Prisoners: A Group Meditation

led by: Sensei Taigen Henderson


7 Seminars - 1st foor

Master of Ceremonies: Ray Landry

9:00 - 10 :15AM - Exploring Meditation: An Inspiration to Practice by: Lynda Myler

10:30 - 11:45 AM - Mindfulness Martial Arts: Helping Youth with Mental Health Problems by: Paul Badali

12:00 - 1:15 PM - Embodied Life: Navigating Mental Illness withYoga by: Meaghan Johnson

1: 30 - 2:45 PM - Healing Power of Meditation: Wellness of Spirit, Mind and Body by: Jim Bedard

3: 00 - 4: 00 PM - Yoga: Its Therapeutic Effects by: Marlene Mawhinney

A little peace and quiet can go a long way."?



Trinity Anglican, Aurora, Presents:


Asking the big questions concerning how we are to live life fully as a person of faith in a Multi-faith, scientific world.

A Ten part series of half-hour videos produced by Public Broadcasting in Topeka Kansas.

Tuesday Evenings beginning October 7, 7:30 pm at the Rectory of Trinity Anglican Church, 44 Metcalfe Street, Aurora, Ontario.

Attendance is free of charge. For information contact: Terry Weller at 416-801-5597 or 905 727 7011. info@interfaithunity.ca.

This is a Trinity Anglican study group co-sponsored by Interfaith Unity. It is open to all individuals regardless of faith.

Oct. 7 - A Finger Pointing at the Moon?; Oct. 14 - Church and State?;

Oct. 21 - The Ground of Being?; Oct. 27- American Pluralism?;

Nov. 4 -Science and Spirituality?; Nov. 11 - Evolving with the Bible?;

Nov. 18 - A Spirituality of Co-Creation?; Nov. 25 - Spirituality and Religion?; Dec. 2 - A Congress of World Religions?


"What's happening with the world today? Some people think we're passing through a transitional phase in which our most basic views and assumptions about life are going  through a kind of metamorphosis.

They contend that the underlying myths and images that guide our lives are evolving into something new and fundamentally different. That's the main focus of this series of programs? exploring the nature of this transitional period we're passing through and reflecting upon the characteristics of the emerging worldview. This is a journey beyond theology. We're not leaving theology behind - just seeing it as a finger pointing to the moon.

Sister Joan Chittister (Benedictine Sisters of Erie) says: "The important thing to remember is that religion itself, any religion, is really meant to be only a means to sanctity, not an end in itself. Religion is at best a finger pointing at the moon. When we stop at the level of religious rites and rituals, religious robes and parochial rules, and call those things religion, call those things - our things - absolutes, we stop far short of the Divine. We miss the moon entirely."

Participants in the series include: Joan Chittister (Benedictine Sisters of Erie); John Shelby Spong (Retired Episcopal Bishop); Dr. James Forbes, Jr. (Senior Minister Emeritus, Riverside Church, New York City); Peter Russell (Author & Futurist); Karen Armstrong (Mythologist); Joseph Campbell (Mythologist); Harvey Cox (Professor of Religion, Harvard Divinity School); Robert Bellah (Emeritus Professor of Sociology, U.C. Berkeley); Rabbi David Rosen (International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultations); Alan Wallace (Buddhist Scholar & Translator); Diana Eck (The Pluralism Project, Harvard University); Huston Smith (Emeritus Professor of Religion, Syracuse University); Arvind Sharma (Professor of Religion, McGill University); Patrice Brodeur (Professor of Theology, Montreal University); Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (The Art of Living Foundation); Seyyed Nasr (Professor of Islamic Studies, George Washington University);  Yifa (Professor of Religious Studies, University of the West); Shirin Ebadi (Recipient of 2003 Nobel Peace Prize); Deepak Chopra, M.D. (President, Alliance for a New Humanity); Rev. Paul Chaffee (Interfaith Center at the Presidio); Rev. Sam Muyskens (Inter-Faith Ministries, Wichita); Rev. Peter J. Gomes (Memorial Church, Harvard University); Stephen Prothero (Professor of Religion, Boston University); Robert Wuthnow (Center for Study of Religion, Princeton University); B. Alan Wallace (Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies); Tenzin Gyatso (The 14th Dalai Lama); Rev. Scotty McLennan (Dean of Religious Life, Stanford University).”



Time: 7:00 p.m.

Locale: Scarboro Mission, 2685 Kingston Road

(southwest corner of Kingston Rd. & Brimley Rd.)

Inquiries: Scarboro Missions Interfaith Desk

Tel: 416-261-7135 ext. 296 email: info@interfaithunity.ca       http://scarboromissions.ca/

Oct. 21

Reporting on the 2008 North American Interfaith Network

Conference (San Francisco, July)

by  Rev. Terry Weller, interfaith minister, journalist and editor of Interfaith Unity Newsletter (following this PowerPoint presentation, other Toronto participants in the San Francisco conference will share their experience as well).

Oct. 28 

"My 30-year Journey in Jewish-Christian dialogue"

by Sister Lucy Thorson (Sisters of Sion) who has worked in the field of Jewish-Christian relations in Jerusalem, Rome and North America.

Nov. 04

Exploring the Common Elements in the World's Religions

By J.W. Windland, multifalth educator, director of Encounter World Religions Centre (Guelph).

Nov 11

Religion, Inter-Religion and Violence

- Rev. John Hill, Co-ordinator of Center for Dialogue on Religion and Violence, Anglican priest.

- Ellen Campbell, past-president of International Association for Religious Freedom, former executive director of Canadian Unitarian Council, member of Unitarian faith.

- Shahid Akhtar, specialist in non-violent conflict resolution, founder of Canadian Association of Jews and Muslims, member of Muslim faith.

Nov 18

The Baha’i Vision for World Unity

by members of the Toronto Bahai community and the Toronto World Unity Choir.”


2009 PARLIAMENT OF THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS: Conference Proposals Requested

Melbourne, Australia --  December 3-9, 2009

The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions invites all people of faith, spirit and goodwill to encounter the vast and rich diversity of the world's religious and spiritual traditions. Take part in over 500 events including keynote addresses, seminars, conferences, dialogues, performances, concerts and exhibitions on the theme:

Make a World of Difference:

Hearing each other,

Healing the earth

Key topics of global concern will be addressed from religious and spiritual perspectives. These include:

?         Healing the Earth with Care and Concern

?         Reconciling with Indigenous Peoples

?         Overcoming Poverty in a Patriarchal World

?         Securing Food and Water for all People

?         Building Peace in the Pursuit of Justice

?         Sharing Wisdom in the Search for Inner Peace

Consider submitting a proposal to present on one of these topics, or other areas of pressing concern. Full instructions are available online, as are registration materials and additional information.   http://www.parliamentofreligions.org



Pondicherry, India


The University of Delhi, Regent University and Pondicherry University (India)

Invite your participation in the 2nd International Conference On Integrating Spirituality
And Organizational Leadership (ISOL 2009 )
February 9-12, 2009

And International Research Workshop On Spiritual And Ethical Foundations Of Organizational Development (SEFOD2009) February 5-7, 2009

Both events will be held in Pondicherry, India