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Essay by Bea Castro



Aho, mitakwe oyasin, This phrase means-All My Relations. It is from the Sioux/Lakota Language
My name is Bea Castro, and I’m from Auburn Hills, MI. My mother’s People are Yaquis, from Northwestern Mexico. I am in the process of learning about my own traditions, but as I’ve begun on this path, I have had the honor and privilege of learning about many of the other Traditions. It would be preferable for First Nations members to speak about their own traditions, language and prophesies, Therefore, I will, very briefly, share various first Nation traditions on Prophesy. I have gleaned the information on these prophecies from several sources. A list of reference materials, from these sources, is available below.
When a First Nations individual visits the homeland of another tribe, it is customary to ask permission to speak. And to give thanks to the hosting Nations and their Elders. Therefore, I’d like to thank Frances Sanderson, Executive Director of Nishnawbe Homes in Toronto, the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers who are here and who have passed on.
Traditions and languages differ from place to place, but one common connection runs through these traditions; it is the view that we are all inter-connected and related. What happens to others, affects all of us.
The original peoples of the Americas have had their own unique connections and relationship with the Creator. One of those connections is through prayer and vision quests. In my hand, I have an Eagle Feather. It is a symbol of Prayer for the first Nations. When one prays with it, it is said The Eagle carries the prayers on his wings to the Creator, the Great Spirit, as it flies to the heavens. How many people here have seen First Nations People dance? Then you will have noticed that many wore Eagle Feathers on their regalia. These dancers are not just dancing for entertainment, they are literally praying with their entire being. They dance in a Circle, which represents the cycle of life, which is eternal. We are all a part of that circle. What affects one, affects all—all my relations.
Through these connections with Creator, many of the People have received visions and prophecies, regarding the destiny of this Continent. Prophesy is not absolute, but conditional upon the actions of humanity, they serve as warnings to humanity.
A large number of these prophecies have been preserved by the Hopi People, the Hopitu Shinumu in Arizona, which means, Peaceful or Righteous People. The Hopi Elders have given their consent for these prophecies to be shared at this critical time.
The Hopi Indians have a prophetic tradition dating back thousands of years. The Great Spirit made an appearance. He said to the human beings, "I'm going to send you to four directions and over time I'm going to change you to four colors, but I'm going to give you some teachings and you will call these the Original Teachings. When you come back together with each other you will share these so that you can live and have peace on earth, and a great civilization will come about." And he said, "During the cycle of time I'm going to give each of you two stone tablets. To hold for me until I return to you in a later day, for I am the first, but I am also going to be the last."

Also during this time, Creator sent an elder brother to the East. A corner of the Fire Clan tablet was broken off and given to the Elder Brother when he left, as did not want to risk losing it in the course of his travels. It is said that when he returns, the tablet will be split open to expose the hidden knowledge and that he would help to bring about Purification Day. Real peace, brotherhood, and everlasting life would be established.

The Creator gave a responsibility, called the Guardianship. To the red People, First Nations People, he gave the Guardianship of the earth. We were to learn during this cycle of time the teachings of the earth, the plants that grow from the earth, the foods that you can eat, and the herbs that are healing so that when we came back together with the other brothers and sisters we could share this knowledge with them. Newsweek: 8 out of 10 foods and many of the medicines we use today were developed in the Americas. Our stone tablets are kept at the Hopi Reservation in Arizona at Four Corners Area on 3rd Mesa.

To the South, he gave the yellow race of people the Guardianship of the wind. They were to learn about the sky and breathing and how to take that within ourselves for spiritual advancement. They were to share that with us at this time. The stone tablets of the yellow race of people are kept by the Tibetans, in Tibet. If you went straight through the Hopi Reservation to the other side of the world, you would come out in Tibet. The Tibetan word for "sun" is the Hopi word for "moon" and the Hopi word for "sun" is the Tibetan word for "moon".

To the West He gave the black race of people the Guardianship of the water. They were to learn the teachings of the water which is the chief of the elements, being the most humble and the most powerful. It was a black man that discovered blood plasma, blood is water. I talked to people from the black race and their stone tablets are at the foot of Mount Kenya. They are kept by the Kukuyu Tribe. I once had the honor of presenting a sacred pipe at the Kukuyu Tribe carved from the red pipestone of Mount Kenya. (It is interesting to note that the new President of the United States is Barack Obama, whose Father is from Kenya.

To the North He gave the white race of people the Guardianship of the fire. They say a light bulb is the white man's fire. If you look at the center of a car you will find a spark. If you look at the center of the airplane and the train you will find the fire. The fire consumes, and also moves. This is why it was the white brothers and sisters who began to move upon the face of the earth. The guardians of the traditions of the people of Europe are the Swiss. In Switzerland, they still have a day when each family brings out its mask. They still know the colors of the families; they still know the symbols, some of them.

So we went through this cycle of time and each of the four races went to their directions and they learned their teachings. We were told in the prophecies that we should try to remind all the people that would come here of the sacredness of all things. If we could do that, then there would be peace on earth. But if we did not do that, there would be three shakings, or warnings that Creator would bring upon the Earth.

The sign of the First Shaking - black ribbon. And on this black ribbon there would move a bug. And when you begin to see this bug moving on the land, that was the sign for the First Shaking of the Earth. The First Shaking of the Earth would be so violent that this bug would be shaken off the earth into the air and it would begin to move and fly in the air. Behind it would be a trail of dirt and eventually the whole sky of the entire earth would become dirty from these trails.

The Second Shaking would be greater than the first. The signs would be the sun rising in the east and you see the sign of life reversed and tilted in the east, you know that the Great Death is to come upon the earth, and now the Great Spirit will grab the earth again in His hand and shake it and this shaking will be worse than the first. So the sign of life reversed and tilted, we call that the Swastika, and the rising sun in the east was the rising sun of Japan. These two symbols are carved in stone in Arizona. When the elders saw these two flags, these were the signs that the
earth was to be shaken again.

The Elders wanted to speak about it in 1920 in the League of Nations. The elders also tried to contact President Roosevelt, in the 1940’s, and ask him not to use the gourd of ashes because it would have a great effect on the earth and eventually cause even greater destruction and a the Third Shaking of the Earth, the Third World War.

There were other attempts at addressing the nations. Many unsuccessful, until Thomas Banyaca knocked for the fourth time in 1991, and was permitted to address the UN General Assembly for a few minutes during the opening ceremonies of the UN’s International Year of Indigenous Peoples, December 10, 1992. He was the last speaker, and only a few UN delegates remained to hear him.
There would come a time the Native people will not have to petition to join, but will be invited to enter the circle because they say the attitude towards us will have changed by then, and people will let us into the circle and all the four colors of the four directions will share their wisdom, and there will be peace on earth. According to prophecy, at least one, two, or three leaders or nations would hear and understand the Hopi warnings, for they too should know the ancient instructions.
Hopi Traditional Leaders: Dan Evehama, Martin Gashwesooma, Manuel Hoyangowa; assisted by spokesman Thomas Banyacya:
"Elders know ancient knowledge, which also will be shared at the right time with all, based on prophecy. But, above all, it is happening to us, to all countries and all people, to our children, and our children's children, and to all life. For if the earth shall perish, personal self-interest and acquisitions, and even our injustices to one another, will be as nothing. If we are to have a planet on which to live, and live abundantly, this is a time to fully forgive one another for all past grievances and errors of ignorance and together take full responsibility for restoring our earth and reconciling humanity. How are we to do this? How do we reach this goal?"

There are many Prophesies which tell of the return of "a Man of Wisdom", "Prophet", "Light from the East". Returning with teachings to unite mankind

Six Nations

The Peacemaker, who brought teachings of peace to the six nations, spoke of a light, that would come from the east to the west, over the water, that as this light approaches, he would be that light, and he would return to his Indian people, who would be a greater nation than they ever were before.

Crazy Horse, a Teton Sioux

The Teton Sioux Chief Crazy Horse had a final vision in which "He saw his people being driven into spiritual darkness and poverty while the white people prospered in a material way all around them. But even in the darkest times, he saw that the eyes of a few of his people kept the light of dawn and the wisdom of the earth, which they passed on to some of their grandchildren. He saw the coming of automobiles and airplanes, and twice he saw the great darkness and heard the screams and explosions when millions of people died in two great world wars."

"But he saw, after the second great war passed, foretold a time to come when his people began to awaken, not all at once, but a few here and there, and then more and more, and he saw that they were dancing in a beautiful light of the Spirit World under the Sacred Tree even while still on Earth. He saw representatives of all races who had become brothers, dancing around the tree. And realized that the world would be made new again, and in peace and harmony not just by his people, but by members of all races of mankind."

The Navajo/Dine
The oral traditions of the Navajo also warn of the Time of the End. Only a few people who are prepared and awaiting the event will be aware of it. Then more and more people, and eventually everyone, will see it. The Navajo chants say that there are two signs of the new Spirit. The first is a Nine-pointed Star that will come from the East and unify all races and nations with love. The second sign will be a great chief, also in the East, who will wear a headdress with twelve feathers. Each feather represents a spiritual principle, which would unify all races and nations with love.
Quetzalcoatl, the Prophet or Holy Man of the Aztecs, Toltecs and Mayans
He not only said he would return from the East, but that before he returned bearded white men would come who would conquer the Indians and enforce on them a different religion. However, he said that when he returned all the ancient glory of the Indians would return.
The Mayans were a civilization of great sophistication and excellence in Astronomy. Like the Aztecs after them, the Mayans made reference to the world being created and destroyed several times. The Mayans believed that there had been great death and destruction at the end of each of the previous worlds. The date for the end of the current world has been decoded as just before sunset, Central American time, 21 December 2012.
According to the Mayan Prophecies "The end of artificial time signals the return to natural light, a time in harmony with the Earth and with the natural cycles [would] hold the potential to reinstate a balanced, positive love and unity cycle."

Judi Pope Koteen transmitted the following prophecy as it was told to Ghost Wolf, a Lakota pipe carrier and ceremonial leader:

"I will tell you a prophecy given to me by a Grandmother of the Seneca people. She told me we must work with the women to help heal their pain. In these times that are coming, she told me, we must learn to help women regain their power. If the women do not reclaim their power, it is told, the world will be lost. Because the men no longer act like men. They are not noble or proud, and they do not hold the words of the Creator close to their hearts.
"Men have become sick with ego, sick with greed, lost in confusion. They are no longer leaders, so their children do not learn, and the children wander aimlessly through life, without spirit. A human without spirit is like a ship without a sail. All you can do is float around, hoping to find a harbor.
"The Grandmother told me that in these times it will be the women who come to listen to these ways. It is the women who will remember who they are. Because women have lived for many thousands of years now, knowing who they were but never being able to speak the truth through their mouths. When the people left the Good Red Road and began to walk the black ribbon of road, the women were suppressed because the women kept warning the men that they were wandering from the ways...
"Heal the women. Then the women can heal the men, and together they can heal the earth."

We think to ourselves that we, as individuals, cannot make a difference in what is happening in our world today. We often look to others for action and change. We point to one another, thinking that if that person, or government or nations would change, there would be peace. We seek this outside of ourselves. In thinking this, we have become our own worst enemy. We must create Peace within ourselves, and our communities, at a grassroots level, to bring about the changes we want to see in the World.

Bea Castro lives in Auburn Hills, Michigan. She has been gifted a Native American Flute, which she has played for over 18 years at various Interfaith, Peace and Race Unity gatherings and schools throughout the U.S., and has recently become involved with the Toronto Interfaith Community. 
Bea has past experience in training teachers throughout the U.S. to promote Race Unity activities to their students, and was recently appointed Ambassador for Peace through the Federation for World Peace. She has explored many spiritual traditions and is presently in the process of learning more about her Native Traditions. This multi-faceted journey has created a strong desire in her heart to discover, explore and promote ways to kindle the Flame of Peace, and foster the Oneness of Humanity, in a world so desperately in need of the warmth of Healing and Reconciliation. She strives to live her life by the following Principle reflected by the Poet Rumi:

I hold to no religion or creed….
Am neither eastern nor western…
My Home is beyond place and name…
It is with the Beloved, in a Space beyond Space...
I embrace All and Am Part of All…. Rumi


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